Ben Draper

Ben Draper is a Sudbury Valley School "lifer." After graduating in 1997 he studied composition briefly at the New England Conservatory of music before going on to pursue his interests in art and philosophy at the school of the Museum of fine arts Boston and tufts university. His work has been shown in the contemporary wing of the Museum of fine arts Boston as well as other galleries in the Boston area. Draper began reading at the age of 17 when a Sudbury Valley staff member loaned him a book on Zen Buddhism. This set him on the Buddhist path which is still on today.

Chester Elliott IV

This is Chet. This is his eighth year on the HVSS staff. He is the tech guy, the graphics guy, the resident DM, and our Mr. Fix-it. He loves everyone (as close as a mortal can get, anyway), and he’s always willing to do...anything you ask him to. Truly, his devotion and generosity are unsurpassed; you can find him here anytime during his regular hours or...any other time too. It is typical for Chet to be in such high demand during school hours that School Meeting nearly codified a law which would have prohibited wandering around asking “Where’s Chet?” or chanting his name (or “Cheddar Cheese”). Where he is, though, is usually either guiding a group of eager adventurers through the moral dilemmas and fearsome obstacles of magical worlds as Dungeon Master, or designing our next badass poster, postcard, t-shirt, etc. Or (endlessly) helping a younger student sign in to a gaming portal, or download an app, or even take apart their computer to clean it, or tying their shoes, (or cleaning up their occasional vomit). He’s here to help, and he roots for all our students so, so hard. In closing, I’ll go right out on a limb here and say that Chet is a saint, insofar as a saint is a person who cares about others more than themselves. And also the minutiae of design. He cares a lot about that. Chet, you may be Chester Arthur Elliot IV, but you’ll always be the number 1 Chet in our book.