HVSS Theater Co-op Presents "Spamalot"

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On April 8th, 9th and 10th the HVSS Theater Co-op presents their production of Spamalot
At Old Glenford Church
210 Old Rt 28, Glenford
To purchase tickets send an email to: theater@sudburyschool.com

A surprising thing happened this semester for the Theater Co-op. Once we chose our spring musical, Spamalot, many of the older members decided not to take part. Thus many of the new and younger co-op members received bigger parts than anticipated. At first this was a bit overwhelming and nerve racking for many of them since they were not sure they were ready for such a big jump. But with some reassurance they happily embraced the parts.

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Visiting Fairhaven School

During February break, I took the opportunity to visit the Fairhaven School in Maryland, one of our sister schools. I am so glad I did! It brought key aspects of our work at Sudbury into sharp focus for me, and … Continue reading
Silvia Beier

A lot more than meets the eye

The first two weeks of this school year were blessed with superb weather. It was sunny and cool and the outdoors was full of students who were using the whole campus for their myriad of activities: conversing, reading, taking walks … Continue reading
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My First Glimpse of What SVS Is Really About

While I was reading Daniel Greenberg’s essay (“Are 1000 Pictures Worth One Word?”) on why it has been so difficult to convey the SVS experience in film and pictures (http://www.sudval.org/essays/092015.shtml), I found myself thinking about the evolution of my own … Continue reading
Foss Tighe

Age Mixing, Another View

During the last Open House, in October of 2015, there was a remarkable interaction. It didn’t surprise me, but it greatly pleased me. Unfortunately, I don’t think the guests who were with me had enough context for what they saw … Continue reading
Mimsy Sadofsky

“Lisa, Lisa”

When you walk into the art room on any Monday or Wednesday, you can hear an almost constant murmur which turns out to be coming from several kids sitting at the clay table or at the two wheels working with … Continue reading
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2 V 2

It wasn’t even an eventful day. Yet things happened that stood out, as always. First there was a relatively innocuous moment that started the day. It seems that the people who run the daily concession had found an innovative way … Continue reading
Mimsy Sadofsky

Making Margaret Parra’s Cherry Tarts

From the very beginning of Sudbury Valley, cooking has been an activity enjoyed by many members of the community. The people working in the kitchen always have great fun, mixing ingredients, making messes, tasting, joking, and hanging out together. Margaret … Continue reading
Hanna Greenberg

The Halloween Dance

Age mixing is a constant phenomenon at school. We see it so much that it is not remarkable to us any longer. However, at the annual Halloween dance the “mixing” is part of the fun, and is obvious for all … Continue reading
Hanna Greenberg

Food at SVS

Food serves as a major aspect of life at SVS. Of course, everyone in the world loves food; however, here it takes on a life of its own. The minute students arrive, they are eating or talking about food. Trading … Continue reading
Lauren Ligotti


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