Seeing Things in a New Light

Nora Shadow 1 SmallWhen I walked into Fairhaven School for the very first time, with the idea of enrolling my small son there, I had a terrible moment of indecision where a brief flash of his possible future-  running full speed into the thick woods and spending his days engaged in Lord of the Flies style activities- almost made me reconsider.

Ian Tree 1 SmallThank God I didn’t.

What Fairhaven gives to kids cannot be measured by your typical educational yardstick. As a teacher who has two other children in the competitive and difficult world of Washington DC private schools, I live with a foot planted in two completely different worlds, straddling the fence between hearing  “I really want to” and “I must.”

I see the increasing pressure, workload and stress of a system that sells performance and success at all costs coming up against the pastoral setting and freedom to learn that stands in defiance of it, and it’s startling. 

Myles Tree Small

I won’t lie, it has taken me a long time to convert. Eventually, I got schooled by my son, who taught me to reevaluate my priorities, consider democracy in lieu of the benevolent oligarchy I ran at home and see things in a new light. Fairhaven works in mysterious ways.

Fairhaven Building SmallAs a parent of a long time Fairhaven student, I’m thankful for the unique and wonderful place where kids make important decisions about their future while honing skills that promise a lifetime full of satisfaction. I’m glad I have a child who is so fulfilled and willing to think outside the box while he charts his way through his education.  

Kelly Duffy

Fairhaven School Staff
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